June 15-19, The Venue Center, NYC



Yaoundé,  Cameroon

November, 26-28 2021

Rielo Institute for Integral Development and the
Global Forum on Health and Migration organize the
V International Conference on Health and Migration

The problem of the health of migrants both on a physical and mental point of view is on the agenda of many national and international organizations but is still very far to be addressed.

On the contrary, a nativistic reaction against migrations, that is spreading worldwide, is increasing the difficulties of migrants.

The profound transformation of political forces and ideologies is creating new scenarios where stronger is the fear of migrants with backlashes on their health care.

At the same time, the migration flow with its toll of deaths, destructuration of families and poverty, is incessant,  fed by a migration dream that, in many cases, hides the reality of a  painful migratory endeavor.

In this V International Conference, after the previous ones held in Rome (Italy), Loja (Ecuador) and Puebla (Mexico) we will bring back together, scientists, scholars, NGO and Health Care professionals, and experts in the field to reflect around the problem of health of migrants and Africa.


We hope that many studies, ideas, new approaches, and testimonies will be presented in the Conference as it was in the previous conferences to give back to society not only theoretical observations but concrete tools and practices as well.